12 Tips to Extend Your Gopro Battery Life Time

I’ve been Gopro user for a few years already. I brought my Gopro to many places such as snow mountain, under the sea, middle of the desert, and throwing it off the plane. (I missed that one Gopro!) One of the biggest problem is the battery life of my Gopro. Of course, I’ve always carried extra batteries with me around. However, there’s one thing I couldn’t stand is that the battery dies in the middle of my recording session. So, I’ve done some research and experiments, and figured out how to extend the Gopro battery life time out of each battery I have even only a little bit longer. I’ve use these tips myself in the past few years and succeed at some point, and I want to share the tips with you.

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10 Gopro Ski Mount Ideas For Your Next Trip

Everybody loves to create stunning video for latest ski trip. Here’s the thing, nobody likes to watch long video of just one angle. Instead, they loves to watch the video in many different angles mashed together with heart beating background music. All you need to do is record the video in many different angles. It all begins with the mounting. Here is my personal 10 of the best Gopro ski mounting options you’ll love.

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Snow Settings for Gopro Protune (Skiing/Snowboarding)

Gopro is a famous action camera that comes with easy point and shoot automatic recording mode. That works on most cases, but however, not for snow scenes since the majority of the video will be white. Using automatic mode will make your ski/snowboard video looks underexposed. You wouldn’t want the snow looked faded gray instead of white. This can be fixed while enable Protune. I’ll walk you through all of the important settings.

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