GoPro 101: Capture Your Adventure with GoPro

The introduction of action cameras such as GoPro has changed the reality when it comes to adventures for adventure lovers, showing off interesting lives have never been better. GoPro has definitely come to stay as number one when it comes to capturing adventure.

What is GoPro?

The GoPro is not only easy to carry around, it’s compact and can be mounted anywhere thus making it the perfect camera for capturing the action. GoPro camera can be controlled automatically, the camera also possesses the ability to capture high-def resolution photos and videos using wide angle lenses.

The makers of GoPro camera originally had adventure lovers in mind when they began creating the cameras. As the original creator had interests in wave surfing, the camera was initially created to capture surfing activities. With time though, it became the opportunity to be a camera type for lovers of adventure photography.

The GoPro casing is shockproof, waterproof and dustproof (to an extent), it can also be used in very cold and freezing atmosphere all these features definitely show how versatile the camera is. It can also be used on high altitudes and maintains high definition video shooting in a wide angle which provides an excellent view.

The GoPro camera can be mounted on anything and anywhere. You can attach it to your motorcycle, surfboard, skis, chest, shoulders and even your pet animals or helmet. Yes, it is that versatile.

Of course, like every other exceptional creation, the GoPro camera has its competitors in terms of other companies trying to make something as good as it. However, when it comes to the video quality no other camera manufacturer comes as close to making high-definition cameras. However, if the price of the GoPro camera is what scares you, then you should go for the alternatives which I’ve already covered in the last article.

GoPro is a flexible camera you can take anywhere

GoPro cameras are not only cheaper than your average camcorder, they are much more flexible and still record actions and adventure in high definition. The GoPro camera costs start at just $125 USD.

A DSLR or mirrorless GoPro action camera, are the perfect travel action cameras for those who wish to take trips to locations and capture every moment of it with a theme at the back of their mind.

You can make do with a point n shoot GoPro camera if all you want is to take a few photos and record a few videos. Below we’ll be comparing the GoPro camera and with your average cell phones, to give you a glimpse of what the GoPro camera is all about.

The Advantages GoPro has Over Cell Phones


Since cameras created for action scene where made to record crazy stunts, and insane moments. Then you really can’t compare them to modern cameras or cell phone cameras if you are just a selfie Lover. For lovers of ordinary photos here are the advantages and disadvantages of the GoPro camera :


  • Easy to carry
  • It is designed for High-resolution Videos in mind
  • You can capture a large view or space at once
  • The casing is waterproof or shockproof and can easily be gotten and used.
  • Video quality is top-notch under good light condition


  • Not good in low light
  • Still photos can be referred to as being of lower quality
  • It is terrible at voice recording


Your cell phones are good recorders for virtually everything, you can also take as many photos as because their cameras are way better and provide better quality for selfies. The only problem is that you risk damaging your phone when you try to use it in recording risky situations you are engaged in.

Advantages :

  • It is popularly used
  • The quality of the video display and photos are top-notch.
  • You can easily share your experiences with your friends.

Disadvantages :

  • Not water-proof
  • Not scratch-proof
  • Making use of it for risky situations puts you at risk of losing your data.
  • You can’t easily mount it on something like the GoPro camera.
  • If you mistakenly drop it, can get damaged.
  • The limitation of the video frame rate. While GoPro can go 120fps, your average cell phones camera can only go 30fps.

For an average guy like me, I prefer using my cell phone for everyday selfie experiences while if I want to get an amazing angle I make use of my DSLR.

However, when I’m about to carry out those mind blowing adventures stunts or go skiing, surfing or mountaineering I make use of my GoPro camera.

Choosing your GoPro camera

Are you on the fence as to which GoPro camera is best for your need. Well, it’s would interest you to know that the GoPro camera, has a variety of choices for the adventure oriented consumer.

The Flagship GoPro HERO Series

This flagship camera is technically the best Version GoPro has released.

Its design is superb as it offers a waterproof Design up to 33ft (10 meters) where you wouldn’t need to use a casing to Protect it. This relates to the newer versions as the older ones still require you use the protective casing which is added when you buy the camera. The video resolution is the highest when it comes to recording, it provides a recording of 4k 30fps, and recording in raw format of still images. Another beautiful feature is that pressing the power button is all you need to start recording.

This comes as a two inches panel at the back. You can also speak to it to start recording with it. As Stated Earlier it can capture wider views, has video stabilization and GPS location data.

Entry Level GoPro Hero and Hero+

As the name implies, it’s an entry level GoPro version.

The entry level GoPro Hero is the heaviest of all GoPro cameras. It is quite simple and is made up of a rugged build that’s a component of the camera. Also, it doesn’t offer the pro-tools which is a feature of the black and silver version. With all these, it’s still a good camera for those who need it daily. It shooting resolution is 1080p at 30 fps (and 5-MP stills) maximum.

It’s the perfect adventure camera for beginners into the world of adventure.

GoPro Hero Sessions

The cool thing about this one is its size; yes it is small.

The GoPro Session camera released last year was definitely worth all the Bucks shelled out by action lovers. However, the new GoPro Hero session doesn’t really offer much except for the high video and image quality as is known with other GoPro cameras. Some of the setbacks of the GoPro Hero session is its lack of certain recording and frame rate features. It also doesn’t have a touch screen at the back.

If what you are looking for is a camera that’s easy to carry then look no further. With its added advantage of wind and noise filter, to its 4k video resolution, it is an upgrade from last years version. It’s as cheap as $299 which is within a budget you might make for any adventure you might be heading to.

Which GoPro camera would I recommend?

Personally, I have an entry level Hero+ and Hero5, and I’m ecstatic about it. The GoPro camera is durable, impressive and versatile and the excellent companion for outdoor sporting events. My hero 5 is my choice for all my snowboarding activities. My hero+ is not left out of the fun it’s meant for secondary purposes and records all the angles of my activity.

Editor Pick: GoPro Hero5 Black

If I’m however to make a pick, it will be the Hero5 Black, not just for the 4k recording quality or quick frame rates but for the new feature it has which makes it different from the Hero4 Black. It is waterproof up to ten meters without any casing, voice control functionality a touch screen and good audio quality.


Once I started using it, I had no doubt that I wouldn’t be needing another one for a very long time.

If I change my mind and want a new one it’ll be from the Hero5 Session, to have a lightweight camera I can mount on my helmet to record all my great stunts.

If you want something cheaper you can go for the entry level versions. You could make use of the one released last year Hero4 Black. Or the entry level Hero which shoots 1080p. The hero+LCD also shoots 1080p and has an inbuilt touchscreen. The Hero is the only one we might not advise you on because of its lack of wireless connectivity as a disadvantage.

We would love to know which GoPro version you’ll love to make use of in the comments section.

Author: Kain Harvey

I'm a photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. My background is engineering, so I'm good with numbers and settings. I try to focus on my strong point and give it my all. I hope you will find the benefits of my skill.

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