10 Best Gopro Ski Mounts of 2017

gopro helmet mount

Everybody loves to create stunning video for latest ski trip. Here’s the thing, nobody likes to watch long video of just one angle. Instead, they loves to watch the video in many different angles mashed together with heart beating background music. All you need to do is record the video in many different angles. It all begins with the mounting. Here is my personal 10 of the best GoPro ski mounting options you’ll love.

The best practice is to shot with many different angles, then be creative and edit short pieces of them all together, you will get an exciting videos instead of the boring one!

Top 10 Ski Mounts for GoPro

Useful for other action cameras too! Be creative and mount your favorite camera!

1. Handheld

gopro handheldSource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUEZCxBcM78

This is the most basic one. You don’t need any extra accessories. It doesn’t need to be a GoPro, you can hold your smart phones this way too. The tip is not to reach out your arm while recording, instead hold it close to your chest, this way your body will at like a shock absorber and give you more steady video.

Best for: Recording others, Tailing others.

Not Suited For: Record yourself.

2. Pole Mount

gopro ski pole mountSource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qq1zA6OYPQs

This is one of the most versatile mount available. You can either mount your GoPro at your own ski pole, or with the selfie stick. Lots of options.

a) Record yourself – mount your GoPro near the end of ski pole, face yourself, stretch out in front of you at about 6 inches above ground. panning up view, fit yourself the whole frame, really nice. some said that it is easier to rotate the camera upside down so you don’t need to hold it tight, that’s not good since the pole will get in the way and block the view of everything. mount your GoPro upside up. face your camera in.

b) Record others – by either following them or let them follow you, nice for certain shots. face your camera out.

Best For: Skier who don’t use their Poles too often. Nice front view of others.

Not Suited For: Beginners

3. Helmet Mount

gopro helmet mountSource: https://www.videmaker.com

I got many useful shots from this mount. this will give the driver’s perspective. plus, your neck and entire body act as a shock absorber, and resulting less shakes on your video. there are few alternatives mounting on your helmet

a) Slightly front of your helmet — at your forehead, the best helmet mount in my opinion – closest to the skier eyes

b) At the top most spot of your helmet — not different with the first one, but provide a little bit high perspective.

c) At side of your helmet — I’ve seen videos that my friend mount his Sony Action Cam at his helmet side. and the camera capture half of his face in the frame. Sometimes it’s hilarious to see he went down too fast and cheek blown by wind, but too much of it make me wanna puke. don’t mount at your helmet side if the lens angle is too wide.

Best for: Clear Views, “In Front of You” feeling.

Not Suited For: Record yourself.

4. Chest Mount

gopro chest mountSource: https://www.opensnow.com

Similar to helmet mount, the difference is sometimes you capture your arms and knees in the frame too.

Best for: More motion, More movements.

Not suit for: Clear views of the slope.

5. Boot/Knee Mount

gopro boot mountSource: http://www.bergreif.de

This one is a badass. it gives you more detail of the ski and snow terrain with fast movements.

Best for: Fast movements. More ski, slope and snow details.

Not suited for: longer videos since it’ll shaken a lot, and snow will build up quickly.

6. Ski Mount

gopro ski mountSource: https://www.gopro.com

Ski mount can either be the best or the worst idea depends on how you use it. Many people on the internet says that it capture spectacular views, but many also warn that it is risky to lost your camera because the ski shaken too much and sometimes hard enough to know the camera out of its mount even if you use the strongest adhesive tape. Better alternative: use pole mount and position your camera near your ski.

Best for: Capturing still images of yourself.

Not suited for: longer videos since it’ll shaken a lot.

7. Tripod Mount.

nice one mounting your GoPro off you. with tripod, you need to friend your friend ahead and set GoPro on a tripod on the snow, then you ski down to do some action in front of the camera. the good thing is, there is no vibration at all.

Best for: Close up action in front of camera.

Not suited for: Longer trails, continuous rides.

8. Goose Neck Mount

gopro gooseneck mountSource: https://www.pinterest.com/goprostars/

Famous mount from motor cross riders. film yourself from up and above. capture the entire body including ski. ideal length of pole is 8″ – 10″.

Best for: Close up action in front of camera.

Not suited for: Too crowd slopes.

9. Swivel Mount (helicopter)

gopro gospinSource: gospin360.com

Basically a goose neck mount that spins around you. check this DIY out.

Best for: Close up action in front of camera. 360 degree of yourself.

Not suited for: Too crowd slopes, area with many trees.

10. Gimbal/Stabilizer Mount

gopro karma gripSource: https://www.gizmodo.com.au

All above mounts will have a vibration more or less. the stabilizer will help you eliminate the shaken. professional Burton video here use the bigger stabilizer with DSLR camera, you can see how smooth the video is.

GoPro Karma Grip is the official accessory from GoPro. However, it is a little bit hard to integrate this with any type of the mount. You need to hold the stabilizer with your hand.

Best for: Steady videos.

Not suited for: Record yourself.

More Tips:

Tip #1: Skier is easier than snowboarder to capture smoother more steady video.

Because front way instead of side way. better speed control since you can plow brake with your front facing downhill all the time.

Tip #2: Enable Protune and manually set your Exposure Value to record bright video.

Check out my previous article: Enabling GoPro Protune and recommended manual settings. It’s the universal photography basics so other action camera users can follow the guide too.

Any other good mounts? Please share it in the comment section!

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