12 Best Gopro Alternatives – Action Cameras Like GoPro (and cheaper) in 2019

Whenever you think about action cameras, GoPro is the number one brand that comes to mind. Over the years, GoPro has brought action cameras into stardom. GoPro action cameras have some unique features that have made recording action and sports activities easier and better. However, not everyone prefers the pricey GoPro action cameras.

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10 Best GoPro Ski Mounts & Accessories

Everybody loves to create stunning video for latest ski trip. Here’s the thing, nobody likes to watch long video of just one angle. Instead, they loves to watch the video in many different angles mashed together with heart beating background music. All you need to do is record the video in many different angles. It all begins with the mounting. Here are my personal 10 of the best GoPro ski mounting options you’ll love.

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Snow Settings for GoPro Protune (Skiing/Snowboarding) 2019

Gopro is a famous action camera that comes with easy point and shoot automatic recording mode. That works on most cases, but however, not for snow scenes since the majority of the video will be white. Using automatic mode will make your ski/snowboard video looks underexposed. You wouldn’t want the snow looked faded gray instead of white. This can be fixed while enable Protune. I’ll walk you through all of the important settings.

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