12 Tips to Extend Your GoPro Battery Life

I’ve been a GoPro user for a few years already. I brought my GoPro to many places such as snow mountain, under the sea, middle of the desert, and throwing it off the plane. (I missed that one GoPro!) One of the biggest problem is the battery life of my GoPro.

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Of course, I’ve always carried extra batteries with me around.

There’s one thing I couldn’t stand is that the battery dies in the middle of my recording session.

So,I’ve done some research and experiments, and figured out how to extend the GoPro battery life time out of each battery I have even only a little bit longer. I’ve use these tips myself in the past few years and succeed at some point, and I want to share the tips with you.

My Tips to Extend Your GoPro Battery Life

1. Make Sure Your GoPro Got The Latest Firmware Installed

Newer firmwares get rid of many of known problems. Battery life is one of them. This is one of the most discussed issue on the internet since the launched of the very first version of GoPro. Upgrading your GoPro to the latest firmware will definitely help you with battery life. I’ve seen some improvements with my own GoPro. You can see the firmware upgrade instruction, and download the new firmware on GoPro Official website.

2. Power On Your GoPro Only When Recording, Or Plan To Do It

If you leave your camera on and not recording, it will eat your battery significantly. I know that you would argue that you will need to set up your GoPro with the camera angles or set up Protunes. It’s okay to do that, but just limit it to no more than a few minutes. After you finish the recording, turn it off to save the battery. Don’t leave your GoPro on when you are not recording any video, nor don’t have any plan to record it within a few minutes.

3. Don’t Use Settings That Is More Than Needed

Higher settings means higher bit rate. Higher bit rate means higher power consumption. The best practices is to use just only what you need. For an examples, 1080p 30fps settings will get you about 1:30 hours of a battery. Higher resolution or FPS will suck more power and get you less out of a battery.

4. Turn Off Wifi & Bluetooth When Are Not Used.

When you are not using GoPro Apps on your smartphones, turn it off. Wifi and Bluetooth will eat the battery life pretty quickly, especially when the battery is low. Bluetooth remotes are also causing the same power consumption. According to GoPro’s statement, these wireless connections drain a battery faster at the rate of 10% – 25%.

5. Use Automatic Recording Mode

Setting up the automatic recording more will enable you to start recording videos right after you turn it on. This will reduce the time you need to do some settings and pointing. All you need to do it just pressing the button and start shooting instantly. You can turn your camera off with this mode by holding down the power button for 5 seconds.

6. Set Blinking Recording Lights

I’m not sure exactly how much the battery is saved, but any small adjustments add up. My GoPro has four of the blinking recording lights, and can be turn down to just only two. I really liked all of the blinking lights showing up when I got my GoPro. After a few years passed by, not really.

Now I only listen to the beeps. Camera turns on with three beeps. Start recording with one beep. Three beeps when recording means it finished.

7. Check out Wasabi Battery Power Packs

Wasabi batteries pack are after market batteries with 27% higher capacity, 1400mAh compared to 1100mAh from the official GoPro batteries. The wasabi charges quickly and cost only half of the official GoPro batteries. I’d highly recommend you to check it out if you haven’t got a few already.

8. Setup LCD Screen Auto-Off Timer

You only need the LCD screen to setup the camera angle. Once it done, it doesn’t provide any value but draining battery power. You can set it to turn off automatically a minute after you started recording.

9. Setup Camera Auto-Off Timer

Like the previous tips, you can also set your camera to automatically off when idled. I’ve always wanted to turn my GoPro off after finish recording videos. However, sometimes I was busy and distracted and forgot that I still left the camera running. This settings save my ass many times already. You can select the auto-off timer at 60s, 120s, or 300s.

10. Perform Shallow Battery Discharges

Lithium-ion batteries are best at a little bit power in it instead of completely discharged. Don’t leave it fully charged either. According to Battery University, leaving your battery discharged between 40% – 60% will prolong your battery life time the most.

11. Fully Discharged Your Battery Once A Month

Your battery needs some cares! Most modern lithium-ion batteries come with the “smart batteries features” that can tell you how many current is left. (Eg. 2 Hours remaining). However, this feature can get false calibrated after many times of shallow discharges. As a result, many battery manufactures recommend to fully discharging the battery at least once a month to make sure it stays accurate for a long time.

12. Store the Battery at Room Temperature

Excessive heat, or too cold, is not only bad for your Gopro, but your battery as well. A hot battery will be degraded much quicker than ones kept in the room temperature.

That’s all of my tips to extend your GoPro battery lifetime. What’s your thoughts? If you have any tips or tricks to save the battery life, please share with us at the comment below. I would like to know what keeps your GoPro running longer too.
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