5 Best GoPro Helmet Mounts of 2020

Helmet mounts are one of the coolest way to record your live actions hands-free and share them wherever you like. However, there are many factors to consider choosing the right helmet mounts for your requirements.

There are so many helmet mounts in the market to begin with. I had a problem choosing them too. After spent a few hours researching online forums and youtube, now I have these list I would like to share with you.

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These are the spots that people mount a GoPro on their helmet:

  1. At center top of helmet
  2. At front of helmet
  3. At side of helmet
  4. At chin of helmet
  5. On an extension arm from helmet

We’ll get into more detail with each helmet mounting options for your hands free activities. Most of the mounting positions will give you the first person view (FPV). There are some mounting spots on your helmet that can be optimal based on your activity.

1. Center Top of Helmet

This works perfectly with most activities.

It provides wide angle up front, and captures more objects. This position will hide your helmet out of the frame, and focus to your actions in the center of the frame.

Please beware that this is not suited for on road motorcycles, because of the wind drag some times will knock your GoPro back hitting your helmet. Off road motorcycles has no problem with it.

Good for: Almost everything
Bad for: Fast motorcycles because of aerodynamic. Motorsports with low cockpit ceiling

2. Front of Helmet

Some are said that the perfect position is around 1 inch forward from the center top. But, in real life situations, it can be anywhere between center top of your helmet and your forehead.

This position will allow you to point your GoPro camera either downward or upward to large degree without any wind dragging/knocking problem, and still capture wide angle and more of your actions.

It’s probably the most famous helmet mounts people widely use.

Good for: Ski, Cycling, Motorcycles, Kayaking, Climbing

3. Side of Helmet

I’ve found that countless bikers use this mount because of it will not affected by wind drag problem.

It is also nice for Motorsports. If you are driving any rally, dragging, drifting, or street race, this is really perfect for you.

It gives awesome eye level angle that captures inside the cockpit and all road conditions the center of the frame.

Good for Motorcycles, Motorsports

4. Chin of Helmet

This position is somewhat… awkward to mount there. And a lot harder to mount because the different shapes of helmet.

You also need a full face helmet, so the choice is quite limited. Cyclers and skiers will have to pass this option.

When available, this position is arguably one of the best for point-of-view (POV) angle.

It is also one of the best mount position to record your real time voice over since it’s close to your mouth. However, the audio quality is still far from using an external microphone.

Good for: Motorcycles

5. Extension Arm from Helmet (Selfie Mount)

gopro gooseneck mountA picture is worth a thousand words. Look at this capture and you will give a chance to this mount.

It will let the GoPro to record YOU doing awesome actions in the frame. I also use this mount when snowboarding, and the result was really impressive! It is one hell of a mount you must try!

I you are interest, look for Gopole Helmet Arm in the next section for more info.

Good for: Mostly everything. The more extreme, the more you should use it!

Bad for: Any sports involve with sling, eg: parachutes

These are most of common helmet mounting positions. I’ve personally tried them all and love every positions. I suggest you to playing around with them, and capture many angles and edit them together in the post production.

GoPro Helmet Mounting Accessories


Helmet Front Mount

Widely used in helmet mounting positions. Comes with 3 parts adjustable arm.
Check it out


Head Strap Mount

In case of you don’t want to stick adhesive tapes to your helmet, this is the alternative. The strap is sticky so it won’t fall off easily.

Check it out


Vented Helmet Strap Mount

Instead of sticky tapes, this mount comes with a strap so you can mount it over vented helmets. The strap is adjustable and long enough to fit all vented helmets.

Check it out


Suction Cup Mount

Another alternatives to non-adhesives. This suction cup mount can stick to most flat surface helmets. Comes with quick release, and proven to be able to handle 150+mph.

Check it out


Side Mount

Compatible with all GoPro models. It comes with curved adhesive mount, side mount, and the mounting gears. The 3 way pivot adjustable that will allow you to adjust the angle to fit your needs.

Check it out


Low Profile Helmet Swivel Mount (Session only)

Low profiles, compatible with all Session models. Can rotate 360 degree so you can adjust them easily. Provide spaces around shutter button, so it’s not in the way.

Check it out


Chin Mount

Compatible with any full face helmets. Easy to mount and demount.

Check it out


Gopole Helmet Arm

Use this 6 inches arm for wonderful selfie shots. Mount this arm to the front of your helmet.

Check it out


Extension Arm Mount

This flexible arm mount comes in three pieces. You can adjust them to ny combination you like.

Check it out


GoPro Buckle Clips

You’ll need a lot of these buckle clips. Comes with a set of 10. Stock them up and forget it for years.
Check it out


Gopro Flat & Curved Adhesive mounts

In any case, you will need to stock up flat and curved mounts:

Check it out


External Audio Recorder

Many pro bikers will use external recorder such as a Zoom. For beginners, Zoom H1 is a good choice.

Check it out

Mounting a GoPro on Helmet: Tips And Tricks

These tips and tricks are based on my own personal experiences. If you have any tricks you would like to share, please add them in the comment section below.

1. Less joint is more preferred

The more joints in your setup, the more length, and the more vibration. I would highly recommend that you use the least joints as possible.

2. Mounting on the side needs more adapters to position your GoPro correctly.

I’ve tried many mounts and found out that the top and front is by far the easiest to mount since it’s simply designed for that. But mounting it to the side will need you to add more adapters to it, so it can turn up or down as you like.

More adapters = more joints = more length = more vibration.

3. Vibrations can only be eliminated with either a stabilizer or post production.

Vibration is something that annoys me a lot. Have you seen the professional video on youtube that are really smooth as f? A stabilizer is a hero behind all that. Considering buying a stabilizer such as GoPro Karma Grip.

Did I mention a post production? Yes, post production is one thing that can eliminate vibration.

There are some video editing effects in many tools (eg; Sony Stabilize in Sony Vegas) that can do this. But with some sacrifice. These effects align the previous frames with current one, and so on. The center of video is smoother, but significant amount of the borders will be cropped of.

4. Sideways movement might produce spinning videos.

Beware to mount your GoPro on a helmet with activities that will require you to move sideways. Skateboarding and snowboarding are an examples. Some actions will involved in many turns that will make the outcome video spin too much.

In that case, another good choice is to mount somewhere on your body or hold it in your hand.

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