Gopro SD Card Size Chart

The list of compatible SD card size to use with each model of Gopro. You don’t want to buy a too big nor too small memory card size for your GoPro. Read this Gopro SD card size guide thoroughly and understand the sizes needed.

GoPro is an action camera that you can take it anywhere on the planet whether you are doing stunt stuffs or not. This camera is an electronic device that takes videos and stores them in to an external storage: micro SD card.

Now, let’s dive directly to the chart.

Gopro Micro SD Card Size Chart

GoPro ModelMax Data RateMax Card SizeRecommended Card Size
GoPro HERO 812.5 MB/s256 GB32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB
GoPro HERO 79.75 MB/s128 GB32GB, 64GB, 128GB
GoPro HERO 69.75 MB/s128 GB32GB, 64GB, 128GB
GoPro HERO 57.5 MB/s128 GB32GB, 64GB, 128GB
GoPro HERO 47.5 MB/s128 GB16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
GoPro Fusion6.875 MB/s128 GB128 GB

*Video from GoPro 4k 60fps file size is the largest size to date.
*Video from GoPro 1080p 30fps file size is the smallest standard nowadays.
*GoPro Fusion records at lower data rates because it caps to 30 FPS.

Why Different Models Support Different Size?

Newer Gopro models can do a lot more than older ones, thanks to technology leap. With great power comes greater storage space. GoPro HERO 8 records at 4K+2.7K at 60fps, while GoPro HERO records at 1080p 30fps. File size of 4K videos are significantly larger than 1080p ones, given that both models use the same H.264 codec.

Should Video Size Smaller with New H.265 Codec?

What you’ve heard that H.265 (and H.266) codec reduce file size to around 50% from H.264 is true. However, they need more computation resource to encode and decode it. The new H.265 (and H.266) codec fit perfectly on wired devices like PC or TV, but not ideal for battery-powered device like GoPro.

What’s the point of sacrifice battery to gain more storage space? Battery comes in similar mAh, but you have many choices of SD card size.

Which GoPro Memory Card Size Should I Get?

That depends on you. Larger card enable you to have more recording time, but it comes with price. Get the largest, fastest one if money is not a problem for you. For the other guys like me, you can get smaller ones that suit your needs.

However, I would recommend you to get at least 32 GB. And, get two of them instead of one larger card to diversify your risk. These micro SD cards are so tiny that we all lost them here and there.

What SD Card Brands Are Best For My GoPro?

We went into more details of this specific question. Please choose your GoPro model:

That’s concluded this guide. I hope it benefits you somehow. Feel free to let me know what your thought in the comment section below.

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