Uncut Insane Snowboarding Action Video

I’ve come across this insane snowboarding follow cam by Danny Davis and friends, performing for Burton and Mountain Dew at Peace Park. These guys took only 3 takes to nail it. A completely hearth beating 3 minutes action-packed video brings one-of-a-kind experience that allow best snowboarders to freely perform their creative and stylistic type of riding. See the video and enjoy!

Uncut Insane Snowboarding Action Video


Danny Davis, Scotty Lago, Ben Ferguson, Christian Haller, Greg Bretz, Jack Mitrani and countless more of today’s top riders ripping one of the most fun setups we’ve ever seen.


Leatherbag – On Down The Line


Probably a skier, with DSLR using a Movi (rig stabilizer).

Now in its fourth installment, this year’s PEACE PARK offers elite riders a massive snowboard playground with endless new transitions and jumps including a half mile roller run, a 60 foot BBQ road gap, a quarter pipe measuring over 100 feet long and 22 feet high, a 22 foot bowl measuring 100 feet in diameter and more – all designed on Danny’s terms. Built and filmed in the West Tetons of Wyoming, this year’s groundbreaking snowboard park is inspired by Danny’s creative vision and takes cues from skateboarding and surfing.

You can also watch full video here.

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  1. Peace Park is an absolutely sick video, I was pretty good skater some 200 centuries ago and love watching this video. Done a lot of half pipe back then and some quarter pipe and ramp stuff, but would love to have learned snowboarding years ago. I now watch and dream the days I could do tricks and grabs. Rock on guys. Have fun. going to learn to snowboard this year at 43 and hopefully do begin at some point in the next year or so to do some small jumps and rails, but nothing like this. Keep it up and keep inspiring young riders. You Guys Rock.


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