How to Sell Hand Pictures Online (For Beginners)

The idea of capturing photos of hands and selling them might sound weird, but it is normal and can be a viable option to earn money as your camera roll. There is a market to sell hand pictures online. The good thing is, you don’t have to be a pro photographer for making money from stock photography. You don’t even need a top-of-the-range camera for creating quality stock hand pictures.

The market of stock images is enormous, where the demand is high for hand pictures. In this market, you will find many individuals and companies looking for hand pictures online. Selling hand pictures is a work from home business, and due to this reason, working in this industry is flexible.

Understanding the benefits of selling hand pictures is easy, but starting your journey from scratch is not. Beginners and amateurs face different problems in their journey of making money by selling hand pictures. But in this post, we will make the entire journey an easier process for you. So, continue reading to know how you can sell hand pictures online and start making a good amount of money right away.

Why Stock Photography?

Stock photography exists because companies and individuals need them for marketing, advertising, presentation, as well as for other needs. Instead of paying a lot of bucks to create them, people buy a ready-made image by paying a small amount. Agencies like Getty Images, Adobe Stock sell photos on the photographer’s behalf and allow them to create a business out of those photos.

Selling Hand Pictures Is as Easy as It Sounds

Previously, microstock websites were the only option for photographers to sell their stock images. Most of the microstock sites used to take 50% to 70% of each sale and gave photographers a small cut of the sale. Most of the time, the commission was as little as only 30%. Many professionals also used to sell their photographs from their studio. But in that case, the numbers of selling options were limited, and most of the time, the buyers were local.

However, things have changed a lot in the last few years. Now, anyone, even the amateurs, can sell hand pictures by using stock image sites or from their websites. In this section, we will discuss all the information which will help you develop your photographs and promote and sell them.

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Creating Photographs of Hands

Creating Photographs of Hands

At the first stage of your journey, you have to choose someone with muscular and well-toned arms. Once you find your hand model in the next step, start capturing hand photos from different perspectives and then retouch them so that the images look more pleasing.

While creating your photos, you have to ensure that they are high-quality images because most of the stock websites have hardcore rules about resolution, format, size, etc. So, ensure that your images adhere to those rules and don’t get rejected. In case if the stock site doesn’t have any special requirements even then, you should consider making high-quality images because customers are more likely to purchase high-quality photos with standard resolution.

You need to upload only your best works that have balanced colors and crisp details and avoid blurry images. By following the tips mentioned here, you will be able to create such photos that sell.

Promoting Hand Pictures

Creating hand photographs is only half the journey; you also have to take some marketing steps to sell the pictures. The first thing that you should do while uploading your photos on the stock image sites is to tag them. Tags help the search algorithm of the stock website to identify your photos and understand the type of its content. So, research your tags very carefully and add as many as possible. Along with the specific tags, you can also consider adding some generic tags in your photo. It will increase your chance of being visible. However, while adding tags, you have to ensure that the tags justify the theme of your image, or else it will be useless, and the conversion rate will be zero.

promote your hand photos

Stock image websites are not the only option where you should rely on selling your pictures. You should also outreach to those companies that might be interested in buying stock hand images. So, perform a Google search with the term “hand model agency” and start contacting those websites that appear on the top. The chances are high that those companies might want to check your images, and if they like your work, then they might also buy your photos. You can also perform Google searches by using different terms and improve your outreaching options.

You should also leverage the power of social media sites to build an audience base and create new connections. First of all, showcase your best pictures that are more likely to grab the attention of potential buyers. If you find someone interested in buying your images, start the conversation, and close the deal successfully using your soft skill. You can also send texts directly to your potential customers by using different social media channels. 

Types of Hands That Sell

If you want to sell hand pictures, then, first of all, you have to understand what kind of hands sell most in the market. The primary part of any selling is knowing your customers.

Beautiful Hands To Demonstrate Products

hand cream

Companies that sell jewelry, hand sanitizing products, hand creams, hand gloves, and other similar items might be interested in buying hand stock images to demonstrate their products.

Ordinary Hands for Multi Purposes

Ordinary Hands for Multi Purposes

Blogs and websites might also consider buying your images to illustrate an article. Magazines also purchase stock images for their papers. If you search carefully, you will find plenty of advertising agencies that look for stock images to create banner ads. You can also contact them directly to sell your hand pictures.

Hands With Bad Skin Also Sells

It’s hard to tell what kind of hand images people buy. It depends on their needs. For example, if a beauty cream manufacturing company wants to create a “before” and “after” image to demonstrate their product, then they might want to buy such a hand image that won’t look aesthetically pleasing to illustrate “before using the product” scenario. For the show, “after using the product” scenario, they will need a well-toned hand that features glamorous skin.

Hands Gestures That Have Meaning

Hands Gestures That Have Meaning

Hand photos don’t need to be promoting a product. Good hand postures that mean something also needed from many websites all over the internet.

Be creative with both your hands, create a meaningful photos that sell and can be your secondary source of extra income!

Average Guy’s Hands To Demonstrate Products

Hands To Demonstrate Products

Companies that sell tools and hardware are also looking for hand pictures to be included in their products and websites. These types of market need just normal guy’s hands. Some will also need some hair, or a lot of hair hands to match their products.

Babies & Kids Hands

Babies & Kids Hands

Baby & Mom is a HUGE market that also need variety of baby and mother hands. You can also be creative to add more kind of hands to your portfolio, be it a father’s hand, or grandparent’s hand. The possibilities are countless.

Hands With iPhones

Of course, hands with iPhones are one of the best seller pictures. This niche, the main object will be the device itself, you don’t need a perfect hand for this job. Any hand will do! Use your hand in different gestures to demonstrate using the device in style. There are countless of possibilities, be creative!

Ingrown Nails Also Have Their Own Market

You will be surprise that there are a lot of pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and websites that buy pictures of ingrown nails. There is a niche use for it though I don’t even know what exactly since I don’t have them myself.

But as a general rule of thumb, you need to capture photos of attractive modelesque hands that look too good to be real.

How Much You Can Expect

The amount of money that you can make by selling stock hand images depends on different variables. The most important parameter among them is the worthiness such as the composition, sharpness, and the relevancy of your image. The amount that you can earn also depends on when, where, and how you sell them.

In general, stock photos can make approximately 30 to 50 cents per download. A good photo gets 50 downloads a month. If you have 100 good photos in your portfolio, you will be netted
= 0.30*50*100 = $1,500 per month.

Want $3k/month? Upload 200 good photos. It’s just simple math!

But in general, stock photos can make approximately 30 to 50 cents per download in every month. As usual, these things depend on several factors like on how many sites you upload them, the uniqueness and the creativity of the image, its demand, and your skill in tagging and ranking them.

How to Start Selling Hand Pictures Online

To get started, you will need excellent hands (your subject) and good photography skills to capture and create such stock photos that sell. At first, you don’t need any professional hand model for the job. You can start with someone who has a well-toned hand. And when you feel confident and ready to take your stock photography game to the next level, you can hire more people for variety of hand models.

Where to Sell Your Hand Pictures Online

There are different ways that you can try to sell your photos online, as well as offline. The traditional way of selling images is from your studio. But as we have already mentioned above, in this case, your opportunities for earning money through selling images will become limited. Due to this reason, we always recommend photographers to sell stock photos online. For example, social media and email outreach can be an excellent option for photographers to sell hand photos.

Also, they can create their website and sell images directly to the customers. In this case, they will be able to earn more because they don’t have to pay any commission to the stock website. However, in this worldwide web, building authority is a dangerous job but not impossible if you are committed, passionate, and confident about your work.

Best Stock Photo Sites To Get Start

In our experience, the best way to sell hand pictures is to submitting them on stock photography sites because they are highly authorized and popular. Some of the most popular stock photography sites where you can submit your pictures are as follows:


Shutterstock is by far the largest hub in stock photo business. With lots of photographers and buyers coming around everyday, it makes Shutterstock the best for business. Before you sell your first photos there, you will need to pass manual approval process first. However, it is not that hard to be approved. Consult our Shutterstock registration guide for more details.

Be sure to visit these smaller sites too. It might be gems!

  • Shutterstock
  • Adobe Stock (Fotolia)
  • Getty Images
  • Etsy
  • iStock
  • BigStock
  • Alamy
  • Crestock

More than 90% of customers visit these stock website first to buy images. So, if you promote your hand images through their websites, then their chances of getting sold will become higher.

Recommended Tutorials

You will at least need basic photography skills in order to take good stock photography. If you are unsure with your skills, I would suggest you to take basic photography course. Some of the course have online version that you can master them within like 8 hours.

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Start Selling Hand Pictures as Early as Possible!

We hope this guide will help you to create high-quality hand pictures and empower you to sell them online so that you can earn a good amount of money. Finally, we would conclude that creating hand pictures and selling them through stock photography websites is comparatively easy, and anyone can do this with a standard camera and good photographic sense. So, start selling hand pictures as early as possible and add some additional cash flow in your income statement.

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