12 Silhouette Couple Photography Ideas

I plan to take silhouette couple portrait photos for my best friend and his wife this weekend. I haven’t done this before, so I did some homework. This is the list of silhouette couple photography ideas from my research. Noted and will take this on my phone as an examples. They are great, so I share this to you. Don’t copy! Just but use them as guidelines, ok? This should be fun though.

silhouette coupleCouple Silhouette By Jessie Leong

Note from the photographer:

Silhouette of a couple standing in front of a red door @ the Sydney Chinese Garden. I love red doors! Have a Happy Sunday!

silhouette couple 2Couple Silhouette By: FREISTELLEN

silhouette couple 3Smokin’ Couple By: Mario Wibowo

Note from photographer:

A couple in the mist created by an art installation under the esplanade bridge

silhouette couple 4Couple in Fields By João Lucas Ferreira

silhouette couple 5Couple Silhouette By Dex Horton Photography

silhouette couple 6Silhouette Couple By mrhayata

silhouette couple 7Silhouette Couple By Sai Mr.

silhouette couple 8Fisheye Couple By Arielle Calderon

silhouette couple 9Joy (Explored) By Yogendra Joshi

Note from photographer:

This is my son and my sister-in-law having ball of a time on Ganpatipule beach in Konkan (India). Yes.. i made them jump a few times till i got both of them in air at the same time.. and they did not mind giving as many shots i need.. they were just enjoying it!

silhouette couple 10Mountain Bikers Silhouette By zphaze

Note from photographer:

Make a photograph composed of earth tones today. Use contrast and composition to provide visual excitement.


silhouette couple 11

Its in the air By Abhisek Sarda

Note from photographer:

A couple enjoy the first drizzle of the season at Marine Drive, Mumbai

silhouette couple 12Riflessi By cL0d

Backlid shots

All these great silhouette couple photography ideas would need you to shoot with the sun, our primary source of light, at the back of your subjects. Timing is the most important since you can only shoot this type of photos around sunrise or sunset.

Body Composing is important

With our main subjects blacken, facial expressions are not needed. On the other hand, body composing is the main key to express emotion.

Background color sets mood and tone

Color of background will also set the mood and tone of your photos. Normally, just keep it simple, avoid messy objects. You can also use normal photography techniques such as the Fibonacci ratio, 9-points ratio, leading lines, etc..

Go out, and have fun!

All these silhouette couple photos are hard, but really fun to do. That’s all for my homework today. Keep up a good work bros! Share your photos in the comment sections, and I will feature them in this post.

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